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Are you aware that nearly 8% of people above the age 55 suffer from various forms of neuropathy? A serious nerve disorder, it can either send a shooting pain across the nerves or make it go numb.

Where does this disorder hit?

Nerve damage is the main cause whose result is neuropathy. The severe hit is mostly on Peripheral Nervous System. If you consider the division of this system which gets affected, there are 3sections.

  • Autonomic nerve

Involuntary body functions are regulated by these nerves

  • Motor nerves

It controls muscle movement

  • Sensory nerves

Messages are carried to the brain from sensory organs (nose, eyes, mouth, etc.)


What causes Neuropathy?

There are no particular reasonsfor neuropathy to occur. However, as per the assumptions of world renowned doctors, some of the speculated causes include:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Infectious diseases
  • Physical trauma
  • Systemic diseases

Some of the generalisedreasons that can be the cause of this neurological disorder comprise of vitamin deficiencies, blood vessel damages and diseases related to blood, and kidney disorders. Few other causes include intake of certain anticonvulsants or anticancer medications, hormonal diseases like hyperthyroidism, nerve damage by toxins like thallium or arsenic, and excessive abuse ofalcohol.

Its solution -read more on the Neuropathy Help website

There are certain effective medicines that can help people to cope with the blinding pain caused by neuropathy. The supplements have essential ingredients like Benfotiamine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D Skullcap extract and much more that reduces inflammation and discomfort of patients, giving relief to their irritated nerves.

There are numbered effective medicines for the treatment of neuropathythat you can read more on the Neuropathy Help website. Such websites not only providean insightinto this disorder but also gives an idea of the best medicine to tackle the pain of neuropathy.


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