How to resume your career after being mother?

Posted on Aug 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

A mother has life of sacrifice for kids and family, and this is also done in terms of career as well. After being a mother it gets very tough to leave the house and resume the job. The company’s policies provide you with an option of maternity leave and other policy as well but the kids’ attachment is more now. The kid become more dependent on you and it becomes difficult for you as well to leave him and resume the work. In such cases you need to plan out the strategy so that the transition of yours from mother to professional is smooth.

First thing it comes as feeding. You should make the habit of baby to get accustomed to baby bottles. This is required as feeding cannot be done if you are not there. You should choose best baby bottles and no compromise should be done on this side. The baby bottles play an important role for kid’s nutrition after breast feeding. You should see that this is in place for kids.

best baby bottles

In case your kid is not adaption buy out the best baby bottlesout there in market. Next in line is person who will see the kid in your absence. In case your office has an arrangement of maids so that they can take care of the baby while you go and work then it is really good. Other case may be a baby sitter who see the kid on your behalf.

Keep a monitor on the baby and you can have a CCTV installed on baby room. You can see the same from your office and at the same time you will be relaxed as well. The attachment of kid is the most and as a mother you need to try to adjust it with your career as well.

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