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Social Sciences in the Blessings of Psychology

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 in Social Sciences Program

Social science has been divided into a number of different parts named as geography, anthropology, political science, economics, sociology and psychology.  All the parts of this field are focused on humans as a group of people. But psychology is entirely different and has been a topic of debate worldwide. It is based on human as an individual and stated as the science of human behavior. It is the study responsible for the answer like ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I?’ Its individual humanistic spotlight makes it different from the other type of social science.

Different Theories of Psychology: In order to understand the essence of psychology and how it is different from the other parts of social science, we must understand about the actual essence of different psychological theories.

  1. Behavioral Psychology: It is the theory based on the learning of the different behaviors shown by an individual under different conditions. The theory of behaviorism is the study of the response given by an individual to its environment. It cannot be considered as the study of mind but the study of the physical response of an individual.
  2. Bio-Psychology: It is the psychological theory associated with the brain and behavior. Unlike behaviorism, it focuses on the study and response of the brain to the different events happening in the environment. It is the study of the thoughts and feelings of an individual. It can be stated as the amalgamation of psychology and neuroscience.
  3. Humanism: Also, know as humanistic psychology, it is the study of the unique features of an individual. It is a psychosomatic probable that stresses the study of a whole individual. In humanism, the study is based on the subjective deeds of a human being. It tries ti find out how an individual perceives and interpret the different events.  It is known as the ‘third force of psychology’ after psychoanalysis and behaviorism.
  4. Psychoanalysis: Being the most confusing and old among all the theories, psychoanalysis is the study of unconscious mind. It is a method of mind exploration using the psychotherapy of neurosis. Psychoanalysis can be considered as a field in itself which is based on the comprehension acquired by applying the examination technique on unconscious mind and experimental practices.

By understanding the theories stated above it is clear that psychology is the social science related to an individual behavior in the social arena. It is a social science about how the human being operates in the social environment.

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Law and Social Sciences Program

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 in Social Sciences Program

Law and social sciences programs aim to endorse the use of social science and its pragmatic schemes in the study of legal instructions and law. In this program, for studying the law enforcements and lawful structure there is a use of economics, civics, psychology and other research related to social science. There are two different ways by which one can enforce this program:

  1. Presentations and seminars: By organizing a number of seminars and presentation at academic levels like schools and colleges one can promote this program and make people realize how these two fields namely law and social science are related to each other. There can be number of fairs, debates, school level competitions that can help the students and the people around to understand the law enforcement using the social science.
  2. In Academics as a Subject: There a number of universities like Taxes A&M University School of law have adopted law and social science program as a subject for seminars with an appropriate syllabus.

Law and social science program is the study of the law and legal procedure in relation with the individual behavior.  It is the study of the basic psychology of human being in context with the law. It addresses the problems related to many disciplines of law like:

  1. Crime, hostility and penalty.
  2. Economic concerns and supremacy.
  3. Lawful decision making
  4. Lawful enlistment and the commencement of Justice.
  5. Profession in law and its proceedings.

Proposals under Law and Social science program:  There are following proposals that are made under this program in order to support the law enforcement using the rules, processes and behavior of the social science:

  1. Promoting liberty and interconnection among the world
  2. Advancement in the basic knowledge about the lawful interface, procedures, relations and dispersal up to the length that goes ahead of a single nation.
  3. Improved understanding of how local and national law organizations and schemes are affected by intermediary and worldwide happenings.

Thus the scope of these proposals may go beyond one nation to the world around. There is a certain consideration that states that with the help of this program there can be a complete and precise understanding of the scientific features of law and legal procedure. The social and technical revision of the legal methods often defines law as dynamic, build upon numerous grounds and with a number of actors participating in it.

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